Son of Rust on.... Melrose Place?

Oddly enough, our cable TV debut will be tonight on Melrose Place! You can catch them on the web if you don't get the CW in your area. Yes, you may have to watch Melrose Place. Just Once I promise. Hey, maybe it's really good?

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Tabor / Written in Ashes show cancelled

I was a little wary when the last time I drove past Mt. Tabor Theatre the sign read "Closed" and the front was boarded up. "Well, maybe they're changing owners!" I figured. It wouldn't have been the first time, Tabor goes through owners like sugar cookies. Mmmmmmmm sugar cookies.

I got MORE worried when the event coordinator wouldn't return my emails. I got even more worried than that when the other BAND wouldn't return my emails. Now that "Endeavor Productions" Myspace page just says "WE ARE NO LONGER BOOKING SHOWS" I'm calling this one officially cancelled. Sorry gang.

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Catch our lucious tweets.

Hey lovable cyber-monkies! We’re going to kick this pre-historic Neanderthal-like tendency toward extended written diatribe, drop the rock and chisel and move on over to Twitter for our primary means of communicating Son of Rust updates. Please go there now if you still want to hear about Son of Rust and add us to your follow list.

If you haven’t got a twitter account yet, Grandpa, it’s bout damn time. It takes literally 30 seconds to set one up.

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Everything is shiny and new here in Son of Rust land in preparation for our upcoming re-emergence from the pit of apathy and pennilessness! re:Cycled is finally done and will be available to those of you who didn't pre-order very shortly. Those who DID pre-order should have gotten their links already. If you did and you haven't let me know!

We're featuring four of the 14 tracks off the new album here but trust me, they're all good. I'm really proud and happy at the quality of remixes we recieved from everyone involved.

We've got shows coming up over the next few months at Tabor and the Tonic with some of our old friends, so keep an eye out for those. We'll be adding some new live tracks to the mix of course and spicing up the show in a number of ways, so don't miss us this time around!

I'm looking for recruits for a street team to help get the word out as well, so if you're our #1 fan and want some free Son of Rust swag for a little leg work give us a shout!

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Hope on the Slopes cancellelation, Re:Cycled delays

Unfortunately we've had to cancel the Hope on the Slopes gig this Friday do to logistical problems (the venue didn't actually have a PA or a sound board and we didn't realize they were expecting us to have one). I would still recommend going and supporting this great cause regardless, but we won't be there.

As far as the Re:Cycled release goes: As you're all well aware by now the economy has been crap this year and I've been hit pretty hard. I'm currently fighting a mountain of debt and that's why the album release has been so profoundly delayed. If you haven't done it before, it's pretty surprising how much a self-published album costs (even a short-run album) and I just haven't had the funds. Thankfully that situation has mostly resolved and I should be able to get the album published very soon, thanks for your patience.

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Re:Cycled delayed.

Sorry guys - due to a lack of responses from various mastering studios regarding a holiday release, Re:Cycled will be delayed for at least a few more weeks. The good news is that I've decided to do a limited CD run, so those who pre-order before the release will get an actual CD version of the album as opposed to a download. Hang in there!

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X-Mas Price Drop - pre-order re:Cycled now!

Give the gift of a rusty christmas this year for cheap - I've dropped the prices of both of our albums and the combo by $2 all around - also, it's time to pre-order re:Cycled and help us cover the mastering costs!

Happy holidays!

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BIG news

Greetings my wet-wired cybermonkeys!

I've just been informed that Son of Rust has been chosen out of thousands of submissions for an "upcoming artists spotlight" on BigFM radio in Germany. BigFM is honest-to-god REAL commercial radio with 10 million listeners a week, so this is a pretty big deal. You can check out the webcast on Sunday by clickity-clicking:

then on "bigMUSIC"

then on "Charts"

then on "Hot in LA"

It goes on at 9:00pm in Germany, so you'll have to translate that to your own local time.

ALSO, our new full length Vicious Cycles remix album, “re-Cycled” will be available for pre-order on Sunday. Check the site ( in the next few days for the full track listing and some sample tracks!


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Remix kits and Alternative Nation

Hey gang, there is still time to do a remix if you're up for it - we're shooting for late summer as a deadline. See the following news item for links! If you've completed a remix, please upload it in WAV or high-quality MP3 format to and send me the link.

We are currently being featured on the excellent UK Alternative music podcast Alternative Nation. Be sure to stop by and check it out at !

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Remix packs and a new interview

*begin upload to Son of Rust neural net*

:> If you've ever found yourself awake at night wondering whether that guy from Son of Rust cheats at strip poker than this is the interview for you:

Grave Concerns interview with Son of Rust

It starts getting good around the half way point, for those of you with ADD.

I'm currently putting together some DJ promos for the summer, so if you're musically inclined and want to try your hand at a Son of Rust remix, have I got the deal for you: Son of Rust remix packs! Pick yours up today. <- The Highest Cost <- Violator

Let me know if you're planning on doing one so I can pressure you about it incessantly until you stop returning my calls.

Take care, my rusty metal minions!

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New all-ages show added, Iris / Seabound redux.

On April 11th we’re playing to anyone who shows up regardless of age or gender at a new Portland venue, "Exit Only". Check out the shows list for details.

In other news, the Seabound and Iris show was a kick and a half and a big pantload of fun for everyone involved. Those guys know how to put on a great show, and we rocked it up a notch ourselves.

I recently hacked a Guitar Hero 2 guitar so that I could use it as a midi instrument, and I’ve been playing all the synth leads on it during the shows. This gives me something to do with my hands other than wildly gesture at nothing and pretend I’m fighting off crows. I think it also establishes my cred as an uber-geek. Uber-geek rock star. Yeah.

Thanks goes to Missionary for putting it all together. See you at the next one!

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Son of Rust to kick ass in Connecticut!

We've been invited to play Blacksun this year.

Yeah, it's kind of a big deal. :)

Details here:

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Son of Rust on Regen

Today Son of Rust was featured on the front page of Regen - It's easily the most popular e-zine that covers the goth / industrial scene. They've posted most of the interview I did with Mike V. of the Hidden Sanctuary and a very positive review of Vicious Cycles. I'm not sure if the review has shown up in the "reviews" section yet, but a link to the whole thing is here.

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New Vicious Cycles reviews, track of the week on Garageband

The popular German print magazine "Zillo" just featured a review of Son of Rust in their November issue. It's in German, but I had Google helpfully translate it for you. Honestly, I really like the translated version - gives it an air of mystery.

"Son Of Rust

"Vicious Cycles"

With Son Of Rust, we give you a new US-Ein-Mann-Projekt before, which surely you still hear a lot. Musically somehow to a colorful mix of Depeche Mode, Imperative Reaction and remembering Diatribe, published Julian Coope with "Vicious Cycles" is already the second studio album. Gemastert was this little masterpiece by Mike Marsh in England, which has just with the British Pop-Ikonen or the Pet Shop Boys worked together. Son Of Rust give to this new work electronically, and also stressed atmosphere, but allow some animals for a Pop-orientierte melody is not forgotten. Out of Tech end ought to be characteristic of the charismatic voice of Coope, the truly all facets of tactile to animalisch-rockig reflects. Absolute secret tip, the aforementioned bands for fans but a must! Tater"

I'm just happy that we allow some animals.

Also, two new reviews on the internet: One at the UK based one at Both extremely positive. Check 'em out!

The track "Vicious Cycles" is track of the week at Garageband next week. Currently it's got a 5/5 rating with not one bad review. Lovely!

... and last but not least, I just finished a killer club remix of my good buddies "The Slants" fabulous song "Kokoro". You can hear it on my blog at Enjoy!

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Grapedrink show cancelled.

The Grapedrink show has been canceled due to the Grapedrink no longer existing. :P

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Vicious Cycles reviewed on

Talek from has posted a beautiful review of our new album ... If you have a minute, it's definitely worth a look.

Be sure to tell him what you thought!

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First official Vicious Cycles review...

The first official Vicious Cycles review is up at Chain DLK. They gave it 4/5, which isn't bad at all. "This is a fine and constant good release for the Synth-/Alternative-Pop genre, thumbs up!"

Read the review

The german language version of this review will appear in the print maagazine Zillo's Novermber issue.

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Monday the 20th is the last day for pre-orders!

Like the title says, this coming Monday will be the last day we'll be taking pre-orders for Vicious Cycles and the combo, so this weekend is your last chance to get a signed copy.

If you've received your copy of Vicious Cycles, make sure you stop by the "Music" page on and tell us what you thought!

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Vicious Cycles now available for pre-order!

For some time now people have been asking us where they can purchase the songs we've been previewing on MySpace, and all I could say before was "Glad you like 'em! Nowhere!". Finally I can point my finger at the online store on and say "THERE! RIGHT THERE DAMMIT!!".

Yes, by the hammer of thor! Our new full-length album has been completed and is currently being pressed and submitted to various e-zines and web sites for review. August 31st is the semi-ambitious date we've set for release to the world.

All your favorites - Violator, Discordia, Scream, etc. are finally completed in all their shiny professional mastered glory. You can head over to to see the full track list and hear previews.

Oh, and as a bonus for pre-ordering I'm offering to sign and fondle a CD just for you, as well as get it to you early and before anyone else gets one. Well, anyone else that doesn't pre-order, that is. Getting it to everyone who pre-orders first would be physically impossible. I'm not superman. Sheesh.

I'm damn excited about this one, my mighty metal friends! Go check it out - and thanks for your support.

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Show cancellations.

Sorry all, we have had to cancel our next two shows due to the need to finish the new album and re-tool the live performance. There will be more to come.

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The new album has been completed and sent off to The Exchange in England to be mastered by Mike Marsh, the stud behind the final mixing of Mesh's recent albums as well as Depeche Mode, Bjork, Prodigy, Massive Attack, Goldfrapp, U2, Pet Shop Boys, and the list goes on. We're shelling out the buckage to make this one really shine so we can be proud of what you're listening to.

Shouldn't be long now.

Also - we've had some great cover art submissions so far but I want to make sure everyone has a chance, so if you're still working on something send it our way as soon as you can!!

- Justin

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Snocap store and new album stuff

Mighty mechano-men (and women) -

I've taken a brake from polishing up the tracks for the next album in order to get the Snocap store up on the Myspace page. This means that you can now listen to clips from all the tracks on the old album, as well as buy 'em for $0.99. Hooray! Songs from the new album will start appearing there for purchase as soon as they're mastered and ready.

As far as that whole new album thing goes, as soon as we have finalized artwork we'll start doing pre-sales. All the tracks are done, now we're just waiting on some final guitar effect polishing, then mastering, then pressing. Should take about a month and a half. The new album will be 11 tracks +1 bonus track, and we're holding out on two other tracks that will appear as b-sides on upcoming singles.

I can't wait for you all to hear it!

- Justin

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New 'Six Years' review in Regen magazine

Regen's posted a review of our current album here: (link). It sounds like they loved the first 6 songs and hated the last 6... oh well, you can't please 'em all. I especially liked "Thus commences the Reznor-biting coldwave continuum". The Reznor-biting coldwave continuum?! ROFL! Anyway. Worth a read.

At this point I'm starting to hate reading reviews of the last album as the new one is SO MUCH BETTER. A few months, gang. You're gonna crap yourselves. In a good way.

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Ich bein ein Hamburger!

No, we are not hamburgers (if that even makes sense), but we WILL be in Hamburg, Germany on Nov. 30th opening for our favoritist synthpop act, Iris, at their generous and gracious bequest. If you are anywhere NEAR Germany get your train tickets and sauerkraut ready for a synthpop extravaganza sure to curl your lederhosen!

Also - if you happen to live in that area and know the club scene or any friendly bands - please let us know. We'll probably be hanging around awhile.

See the web page for details,


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We hit 10,000 fans on Myspace today.

Click here to join the fray.

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General update...

It's been far too long since I've written any news entries so I figured it was time to peel myself off the couch and do it... plus, the bed sores on my back needed to be drained.

So what's the word with SOR? Well, we're getting extremely close to our late fall deadline for the second album and we still need about three tracks to make it a full 11 songs. I always felt 11 was a good number for an album. Anything less than 10 feels like a rip-off and 10 is just doing the bare minimum, so over-achievers that we are...

In order to raise funds for the second album, we opened up a new section here on the site that has a whole bunch of unreleased SoR tracks and remixes for your listening pleasure, and these are actual half-way decent recent releases and not ancient b-side crap like we've been feeding you forever. You can get to the new stuff by clicking on "l337" above, but that won't do anything for you unless you have a password. "Give me the password!", you demand. "No!" we say. Basically, if you buy or have boughten(?) our old album we'll give it to you. We promise.

As far as new music goes there are two new tracks up here for free streaming on the site, and there are lower quality crappy versions of them up on Myspace as well. Is it just me or has Myspace been cranking down the quality of their MP3 streaming recently? It's very upsetting to us musician types.

Anyway, that's all the news fit to post right now, we're working on setting up a remix contest for Violator and a the demo tracks will have new live guitar tracks soon. More to come. Thanks, as always, for listening.

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InSoc is back! (and we're opening for them)

One of our favorite bands and biggest influences is in the process of being re-born from the ashes of the 80's. Information Society, responsible for the initial grudging acceptance of our geekdom and then eventual pride in our star trek quoting selves, is back from the dead and playing their first show in the NW in more than a decade right here in Portland OR! How lucky are we?

If you like us, you'll probably like them. Go here:

and click on stuff. Then go buy Hack and Don't Be Afraid and listen to them 30 times.

You know what's also cool? We're opening for them at the Crystal Ballroom on the 29th. No, seriously.

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Diablo's date moved, AGAIN.

We have a final date for our diablo's show, and it's been moved forward once again. The good news is that we'll be playing Fetish Night (the 22nd of July) which is sure to be sold out with freaks of every shape and size. If you share our fondness for fetish flaunting freaks, feel free to fleece your father for a franklin and fly on down.

Okay, I'll stop now.

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Emergenza is finito.

By luck of the draw (officially) we landed the coveted "first band" position at Emergenza last Friday night and ended up playing a really solid set at 7:00 to about 8 people. I like to think we might have had a good chance if we had played later, but the truth is that there were a hell of a lot of truly excellent bands playing last night and, any way you cut it, the competition was fierce.

Thanks to those of you who supported us throughout the process, you know who you are. We love you huge lots!

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Emergenza finalist round at Berbati's Pan

Thanks to your fervor and extreme hand-raising support we've won round 2 of the international Emergenza battle of the bands competition and are on to round 3. Round 3 actually promises to be a very soul-stirring show, as we've got all 17 of the Emergenza finalists competing for a single chance to make it to Seattle for the regional finals and then to LA for the nationals. After that it's straight on to Germany. W00t!

If you still like us after all of our technical problems in Round 2 then boy, have we got a sweet set for you on the 16th of June at Berbati's pan at 7:00pm. It'll be a tight, 20-minute electro-geek rock fest that will enthrall the musculature and lubricate the pistons. I dare you not to go by a ticket now for the advance price of $15 at . It's $20 at the door so you're saving yourself the price of a large low-fat latte and cream cheese bagel at Starbucks if you go to it now!

See you soon, my plutonium-powered neo-sapiens!

05/10/06 - 12:39 am - posted by justin - 1577 comments

1st place in Emergenza round 2.

We took first place on Saturday in Emergenza round two. MASSIVE thanks to everyone who managed to find the place, make the drive, and deal with all the bullshit the Emergenza people put us all through.

More details and iPod contest winner to come soon!

You can see all of the standings for all of the emergenza bands here:

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Emergenza moved to Loveland - iPod shuffle giveaway

First off, our Emergenza show has been moved from Dante's to Loveland. I've personally never been to the Loveland, so I'm not sure what to expect. It's a let down as we were looking forward to finally getting to devirginize Dante's stage, but that time will come. The show is at the same time, same day.

Secondly, we've decided a good way to drum up some interest in supporting us on April 29th is to offer some sort of irresistably enticing prize. Ben wouldn't agree to let us sell his body, so we're going to give away an iPod shuffle loaded with every Son of Rust song ever made (released and unreleased) to one lucky ticket holder. Get your tickets off the website now to make sure you have a crack at it! Only pre-orders will be entered into the drawing.

Also, I've been informed that the Loveland is an all ages club, so feel free to bring your underage girl / boyfriends and children or really just anybody you find on the street.

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First off, the store is now ready. If you want shirts, tickets, stickers, or CD's they're all available to you for low low prices. Check it out on

Second, in my humble opinion (and that of most of the attendees) the show at Ash Street was our best to date and I'm so thankful to all of you who came out and supported our efforts - I think the butchering of Violator was at least minimal. No one even seemed to notice I repeated the verses of Bigger Than God twice and forgot to play the end of Just Like Me due to Ben and Warren locked in a psychotic battle for sheer rock supremacy, and that I am grateful for.

"Discordia" is now available for your listening pleasure on Myspace. My advice would be to hit "play", leave the room for half an hour than come back and hit "play" again. Myspace's ability to buffer music these days is... how should I put this... worse than a retarded monkey's.

Hope you like Discordia. It's my favorite of our new tracks to date and I'm very excited for you to hear it and tell us what you think about it!

Later, cyber warriors.

- Justin

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New show, new music, new reasons to live.

I know most of you spend at least 5 hours a day clicking "refresh" on the Son of Rust website, but in case you missed it we've got a show lined up on Thursday the 16th at Ash Street with our friends Empty Room. These guys are great musicians and good company, so it will be a fun show for your $5. Check the web page for more details.

Two new songs are almost finished - "Discordia", a hooky synthpop fiesta and "Vicious Cycles", a more industrial / unclassifiable kind of thing. Those should be on Myspace for your previewing pleasure before the end of the month. Two steps closer to the new album!

I know you want shirts! The store is almost done. Send love notes Ben's way if you want it done faster.

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T-Shirts, agents, and new songs. Oh my.

Quite a bit's been going on lately. For one, we've got T-Shirts finally, and those will be up for sale for a very reasonable price on the web site shortly. Also, we've posted "The World You Live In" on mypsace, which is the latest remake of a song I wrote in high school. Don't ask me how long ago that was, please. Any comments would be appreciated, even if they are of the "this song is so dated it gave me arthiritis" variety.

We've hired an agent / agency to do our bookings from now on, so our next few shows will hopefully be of a slightly higher caliber. His name is Simon King of the Green Egg Agency, and hopefully he has a better plan for getting us gigs than mine. Basically, mine involved stalking club's booking people from the bushes at their homes and leaving flaming bags of dog poo with yellow sticky notes on top that said "book Son of Rust", so whatever ideas he has are probably better.

The new highly funky photos you see on the Myspace page are pro shots we finally had taken by Cory Poole, who we think did a bang up job. The one with Ben on the pole is probably my favorite, although it really doesn't reflect our sound... trust us, we're morose and serious 90% of the time.

A lot of people have enquired as to whether they'll see the new tracks we've been posting on Myspace on an album soon. To this I say, get them while they're hot. We'll be cycling the three songs that aren't on "Six Years" everytime we finish a new one, and when we have 11 we'll print a new album. We're shooting for late Fall for this to happen.

Thanks for being our friends or accepting our requests despite the fact that we could be scary nun molestors. It means a lot.

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We won the first round of Emergenza last night, despite a few technical problems and the fact that my throat was so dry I couldn't even swallow during the last three songs. Plus, the mic they gave me to sing into smelled like dog food. Warren and Ben turned in fantastic performances that elevated my dismal one to just pretty crappy.

Amongst the other six bands there was a whole lot of talent, and our victory was by no means a landslide, but I feel confident that we'll be able to win again at Dante's in April. A ginormous thank you to all of our friends who shelled out the outrageous cover to come cheer us on. You guys are seriously what makes doing this worthwhile.

We may have a show at Rock and Roll pizza coming up in a few weeks and a couple of other possibilites coming up soon. We'll post 'em when they're for sure.

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Son of Rust News Digest #5000

News now in digest form! Woo-hah!

In the Studio

In the studio we've got a lot of new, tasty morsels of electro-rock goodness brewing in the unwashed crock pots of our minds. In fact, you can go listen to our brand-new track, Violator, now available on Myspace. Shockingly, it's truly a new Son of Rust track, completely unlike the last few "New Track!" announcements I've made which were really just remixes or remakes of old tracks.

In a coma inducingly shocking turn of events, Ben has announced that he is actually nearing completion on several songs of his own, which I'm as anxious as you are to hear. I can't really say much about them beyond that they're totally new and sure to be so good you'll crap yourselves.

Also, "The World You Live In" is being ressurected from 1999 and will make an appearance in all of it's 2005 splendor on the Myspace page shortly.

Lastly, if you haven't heard our remix of Iris' "Lands of Fire", it's up there too. Go now, and come back for the rest of this. We'll wait.

On Stage

The biggest news is that we've signed up a spectacular drummer, Warren Murray, to play for our next few shows at least. The guy is amazing, and is in fact an honest to god musician, unlike us geeks who just do a pretty crappy job of pretending to be. We might have to throw him down a flight of stairs or something before the shows so he doesn't completely outshine us.

We'll be playing at the Tonic Lounge on the 12th, and then fighting for our lives in the Emergenza band competition (round 1) at the Ash Street Saloon on the 15th. This is your chance to show your undying devotion by showing up and screaming your fool head off for us. The throwing of bras, panties (and kilts if you're a guy) wouldn't hurt either. If we win rounds 1-3 we'll end up in Europe, and I promise that if you come out to the shows and help us now we'll almost definately send you a post card and some kind of cheaply made trinket from Germany.

On Myspace

We've now broken the 3000 friend mark and are still getting requests left and right. I couldn't be happier. What does bug me a ltitle is that almost no one has commented on the music! Are you all just signing up because of that one kick-ass picture of Ben in front of the gibson mainframe? I wouldn't blame you if you were, honestly, but go say something about the tunes, please, that is technically why we exist and plus it would make our day.

12/08/05 - 12:46 pm - posted by justin - 0 comments

Iris remix up for grabs.

Reagan Jones of Iris fame, great singer and all around nice guy, was kind enough to allow me to have my depraved, disgusting way with their fantastic song, "Lands of Fire", which you will most likely hear if you go to our myspace page and have the patience to stare at the word "buffering" for twenty-five minutes.

Also, a huge thanks to Reagan for giving me permission to put the track up on Myspace and leech off Iris' fanbase like some kind of slimy lampry. I hope it's also okay with Andrew, who I'm pretty sure is still pissed at me for getting drunk and trying to steal all his softsynths that one time in Seattle.

11/20/05 - 3:02 pm - posted by justin - 840 comments

Diablo's, redux.

Son of Rust had an awesome show in Eugene this halloween, and by awesome, I mean that we played to about 13 people out of 200... "why is that good?" you ask? Well, honestly, I had the same question when we finished. "My god," I said, "We must have royally sucked donkey balls to be playing to a mostly empty house TONIGHT!", I said to the house audio guy. "No!" he responded! "You were great! You were just competing with naked chicks downstairs and dead-alive out back! Competition hardly ANYONE could have stood!" he said. I went and saw the naked chicks downstairs, and he was right, they were naked and they were chicks.

That aside, the next band played to NOBODY. That's right, NOBODY. We managed to keep two or three tables from going downstairs to see the naked chicks, they played to nobody. This made me feel slightly better. And the fact that we sold some CD's and made some money? That was nice too.

Also, the Diablo's party was AWESOME. Crazy fire dancers, naked sushi, various piercings and suspension, crazy hot costumes, and much much more, it was all you could want in a halloween extravaganza.

Also, "What You Are" was a featured track on GarageBand yesterday. Whooo-ha! (whooo-ha is l33t for "does a flying ninja kick and throws out his back)

11/13/05 - 1:31 pm - posted by justin - 1 comments


'What You Are' is currently Track of the Day in the electronic section of

11/08/05 - 8:14 pm - posted by justin - 2 comments

"Scream" available for download.

Scream is finally available for download on Myspace. Also, for comments and ranking. Hey, it only took me a month and a half to tear myself away from Quake 4, quit your bitching.

Also, don't forget our show on the 30th at Diablo's in Eugene. Should be a cheap thrill. Come on - we know you, just admit you like 'em that way.

10/27/05 - 11:25 pm - posted by justin - 0 comments

Halloween fetish night...

We've landed a super gig at Diablo's in Eugene on Sunday, the 30th. It's the halloween fetish ball, and based on pictures I've seen on Diablo's website we're probably going to get get our geeky selves butt-humped by giant red men with devil horns, but hey, if that sounds appealing to you get yourselves on down in your sexy nurse or school girl outfits and see what I'm sure will be a fantastic and crazy show. Of course, considering that the majority of our mailing list is male please feel free to ignore that last sentence.

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SoR is big in... not here.

On Tuesday we played to our most lively crowd yet - a group of exchange students from somewhere (other than here) that actually DANCED and CHEERED during our show. It was sooo much better than the last 100 shows we've played to glassy-eyed zombies that I almost didn't mind the fact that we stunk out loud.

So the answer, of course, is to go on a European tour. If you'd like to support Son of Rust's European tour please paypal me $1000. In return, when we are rich and famous I will return your $1000 and provide you with a bonus t-shirt or sticker, completely free of charge. You will also have my signature on the check you gave me, which can then be sold on ebay. Don't pass up this once in a life time opportunity to get completely ripped off by me.

Tomorrow we're playing in Eugene to what I'm assuming will be a crowd of stoned hippies and college frat guys. If we don't make it out alive tell my Mother I love her and bury me with all my stuff.

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how about this new site, huh?

So.. after many hours and hundreds of lines of action script, we now have a flash-based website.

The auto-playing music thing is really what prompted the redesign. With the previous site it was way to cumbersome to actually find the freakin' music, which is kind of the point of a band home page in my opinion. I know that some people aren't fond of pure flash websites so to those people I say, "deal with it."

09/29/05 - 1:49 pm - posted by ben - 798 comments


All proceeds from online sales of the album are now going to the Red Cross to help out with the Katrina fund. CD-Baby is offering this option to all of their bands and we took them up on it. I'm now one step closer to being able to sleep at night.

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It's over now...

The Cause & Effect / Iris show is done and dusted and man, what a wild ride. We put on what I think was a good performance based on the feedback we recieved, and both Iris and C & E have been playing for many years and you can REALLY tell. These guys were freaking polished and fucking awesome. They rocked harder than a coked up grandmother. If you like Depeche Mode at all, you simply must go check out Iris. Listen to "Sorrow Expert". It's like my new favorite song. Seriously.

We'll have photos up of us looking terrified on stage and before-hand hanging out with the other bands looking terrified very soon. I think we've also got some of Ben and I staggering around Seattle hungover and looking terrified.

Actual finished mixes of the new "Just Once" and "Scream" will be posted for public consumption soon, I've just got to re-sing a single word in "Scream" and then send them off to be mastered. If you haven't heard them yet you'll be pleasantly terrified.

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Ash street and beyond...

The Ash Street Saloon show was by far our best to date. Thanks to Heather, Sad Panda and the Mortal Clay for making it kick large amounts of ass. Also thanks to everybody who showed up to cheer us on - you know who you are and you know how much booty you flog. Rock on. A big personal thanks to Warren and his 9-volt battery of sweet sweet goodness.

The new material went over very well and we heard nothing but good things. The two new songs ("Scream", first) we'll be up for download shortly. "Scream" will be the first new song off our upcoming album, tentatively due out in Spring of 2025.

Now it's off to Seattle to show Iris and Cause and Effect how to work it. And by "work it", of course, we mean "act like complete noobs". I guarantee it will be a sight to behold.

See you there.

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Info spewing.

Hey gang - Biggest news is that the song "Never" is doing REALLY well on Garageband is a very unique site in the way that it's basically setup as a giant music competition. You submit your track, it gets reviewed by other bands, random listeners, apes with massive head trauma and retarded four year olds. Those reviews then get reviewed by other apes and four year olds and weighted based on their content, and then you sit back and watch the crap fly. The winners of each genre get submitted to various radio stations and publications. "Strange" got the living hell beaten out of it and simultaneously worshipped. I would get reviews like this:

"All the your instruments a blasting bast their peek causing too much distortion"

then this:

"Man, that distortion sounds awesome. Those filtered beats are so completely hardcore and well done I can't even control my bowels."

It was the same for the vocals. "Those vocals totally make the song! Completely awesome! They make my thighs go all numb and tingly!" followed by "This song is great except for the vocals, which sucked so hard they gave me cancer."

Anyway, "Strange" never made it through round one but "Never", after recieving fantastic reviews like "Erasure and Depeche Mode should sue your ass for blatant plagiarism" to "this is the best goddamn song I've ever heard and I love you more than jesus" has made it up the ladder to round 2 and is actually going to be the featured track on Garageband (in the alt pop genre) come September 3rd. Can I get a hell yeah?!! No? Okay, sorry to bother you.

If you want to check out what people are REALLY saying for yourselves (and not just random crap I made up to summarize a point) you can see all the reviews here:

Secondly we've got some seriously big shows coming up. Of course you're all aware of the one in Seattle on the 10th where not only will we be playing a show on an actual goddamn WEEKEND but we'll be playing it with bands that were flown in first class on pretty little jets and we're being put up at a 5-star hotel with like, beds and TV's and stuff. And mints on the pillows even! Of course, we're not actually getting paid, per se, but I figure after a year or two of doing this we might be able to start asking for some money.

We've also got some fabulous off-night Portland shows coming up at Ash Street on the 7th and Sabala's on the 15th (see the events page), so you could always come and watch us drunkenly stagger around insulting the audience's mothers in what we jokingly refer to as a live show. These shows should be especially good because Ben will be freshly back from burning man, half crazy on many illegal substances and will probably have various things welded to him.

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The geeks rock Noir.

The show tonight was a huge pantload of fun. We played to a large group consisting almost entirely of the other bands and their friends, but it was still highly cool. Mainly because at the end of our set it wasn't OUR friends yelling "Encore! Play one more!" it was the OTHER BAND'S friends. Now that was inspiring. I do want to thank Bekka, Jason, Allison, Seth and Kelly for showing up. Out of the 15 people that RSVPed, they were the only ones that did. Kudos to you.

Of course, after we played a cover of "Enjoy the Silence" as an encore our resident critique and friend Bekka (who's hosting the show in Seattle) said - "That totally sucked, never play that again." I was forced to agree. At least I introduced it as "We've never done this one before, if it totally sucks it's Ben's fault" so everyone knew who to blame.

You would do well to check out "Slow Poisoner". This guy played last and was an absolute blast. He's a one man band that plays kick drum, guitar, and sings his set and it was just fabulous. Find him on our myspace friend's list and you'll be better for it.

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Berbati's redux...

The Berbati's show has come and gone and we're glad to have had a day to rest and reminisce. I almost nearly missed it myself having arrived about an hour before we were supposed to be playing, having been mired in a 13 hour plane / transport debacle from Alaska. Despite the fact I nearly keeled over my keyboard comatose and am pretty sure I was just muttering incoherently for the last three or four songs, feedback after the show was very positive.

I was a little disappointed that after all the marketing and advertising Berbati's did for the show, the turnout was 90% Son of Rust fans and most of them just showed up for our set. In fact, I think Ben, me, and two of our friends were amongst the only ones to catch the highly excellent performances of Sad Panda and Copy, who I now very strongly recommend checking out. You can find Sad Panda here: We're looking forward to the possibility of sharing a stage with them again soon.

Regardless, it was nice to see so many beautiful friendly faces. Hope to see you all next time at Noir on the 4th, it should be a-rockin'.

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having much tiredness

Well, I'm beat. Three hours of sleep is not enough for my feeble brain.

Thanks to all of you who came to Noir last night! Thanks to Cathole and 14 Ninjas as well, they thoroughly rocked the house. Despite the technical glitches we ran into (and the projector frying my retinas) it was a hell of a lot of fun. We'll be back there again next month, don't miss it! Hopefully we'll get some pictures up here soon..

edit - pictures are online

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Son of Rust vs Nine Inch Nails

So a buddy of mine comes up to me the other day and says "Hey, have you heard of these Nine Inch Nails guys"? I, of course, had not. "They're hosting a remix competition." he says. "You should do a remix!" he says.

So I check out the web site and low and behold, this "Nine Inch Nails" band is pretty decent. Sure, it's basically just one guy and in the various songs I listened to I got the impression he was kind of sad and lonely, so I thought I'd throw him a bone and participate in his little remix competition... maybe brighten his day a little.

So the point is that there is now a Son of Rust remix of "Only" up on Myspace on it's own special little page. Please listen to it, click the "rate" button, and select the highest rating possible. This will make life better for everyone, especially starving children who will recieve a shiny nickel for every "10" rating. Scout's honor.

clicky clicky:

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Son of Rust on 94.7 NRK

Last night "Just Like Me" was played on Portland's alternative station, 94.7 NRK. This marks Son of Rust's first honest to god "over the airwaves on big commerical radio" spin. You can listen to the clip in the media section if that kind of thing does it for you. I've had it on repeat for the last four hours naked while slathered in vaseline, but enough about me. A big thanks to Jaime Cooley for being nice enough to play our stuff and do a sound bite. Rock on.

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Our first show, opening for Cause & Effect / Iris

Okay, so maybe we were out of our element. I mean, we had only been rehearsing for one and half years, so seriously, who could've expected much?

Our first "top-secret" show has come and went. We played hard to a rabid crowd of at least 10 underage karaoke fans at Rock and Roll pizza on Powell - a crowd which could have turned nasty at any second. Ben held them in check with between-song banter, saying things like "thank you" and "thanks". I heroically wet myself and hid behind our keyboards. It went better than I could have dreamed - A big thanks to Six and Tim for allowing us to test our show on an off-night.

Now that we have a good idea regarding what kind of horrifying technical issues we'll have to overcome in the future, we're going to start lining up shows in Portland as quick as humanly possible. The reason? We are scheduled to open for Cause & Effect and Iris in Seattle on the 10th of September, so we have to be mind-bogglingly awesome by then. Seriously. Not kidding. Click here for details.

Our next show will be open to the public and we'll notify you all, but for now at least plan on getting your asses up to Seattle on the 10th of September. THAT is a show you will not want to miss, as even if we completely blow, you know that Cause and Effect / Iris will be awesome. Once again, check out the events section for info.

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myspace and our first show...

Hey gang - we've got a band account on Myspace setup now, so if you participate in that kind of deranged shenanigans and please add us as your "friends". You can never have enough "friends"!

Also, our super double-classified secret first show is coming up in a week. See the event section for more details.

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cable hell and the first show on our "justin's garage" tour

In preparation for live shows, we tore the studio down and lugged the parts we needed into justin's garage. Thus ends our extended "justin's spare bedroom" tour and kicks off our exciting new "justin's garage" tour. One thing we ran into was a severe case of the cable heebie-jeebies. It took over an hour to get everything untangled and plugged in which is completely unacceptable. After we played through the set we spent three hours and a pack of zip ties trying to stream line our setup. By 1:00 am the whole show was neatly packed into a travel rackmount box (well, the whole show minus the keyboard and guitar crap..). We're estimating the new setup time to be around ten to fifteen minutes, depending on how close we can park.

On another positive note, after some mixer tweakage we seem to have the feedback monster taken care of as well.

ready to rox0r.

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Media section live...

The media section is now up - it's a little barren at the moment, but we plan to populate it like a good catholic family shortly. Ben's written it so we'll be able to post not only pictures, but streaming audio and maybe video as well and all extremely easily. So, if you've got any pictures of SoR around that won't scar anyone for life, email 'em my way.

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The album is now available from CD-Baby!

You can now purchase "Six Years of Gene Therapy" from either the discography section or the "listen" section. There is also now a "listen" section for weirdos who want to actually hear the music. Thanks to everyone for the great reviews so far - keep 'em coming!

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Discography section live

First off, a huge thanks to Ben for putting down the crack pipe and nachos, getting off the couch and squeezing out this bad ass new web site framework in ONE FREAKING WEEK. The guy is absolutely phenominal.

Secondly, you pre-order types, get yourselves over to the discography section and tell us what you think about the album! You were obviously excited enough to split with your $6, so was it worth it? Here's your chance to tell us why or why not. Don't worry about hurting our feelings, my ex-girlfriends will attest to the fact that I have none, and Ben is a robot.

Also, notice that you can now comment on damn near anything. Comment away. Even if you just want to voice your opinions on pork belly futures I want to hear them.

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new website design

Welcome to the new SOR website.

With the release of Six Years of Gene Therapy, we have also rebuilt the website. Over the next few days and weeks, you'll see more pages come online. The current plan includes a media gallery and updated bio information, along with a track listing and lyrics for the CD.

There's also a new blog-style "comments" system which you'll see in various places on this site (like these news entries, for example). This gives you all a chance to let us know what you think of the site, the music, or really any random crap you care to spew into your browser.

tally ho!

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